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5 Possible Causes of Genital Itching

There is nothing to be ashamed of- everybody itches! This particular topic may be challenging to discuss with family and friends, but not with your doctor. Itching down there does not automatically mean you have a sexually transmitted infection or disease, because itchy genitals can be caused by many treatable explanations, but you won’t know […]

Can Botox Help With An Overactive Bladder?

An overactive bladder is a group of symptoms together that are related to the general function of your bladder. It is commonly associated with a frequent urge to urinate, urinating eight or more times a day or leaking urine at different times of the day. There is a chance you have an overactive bladder if […]

Why Should You Choose Laparoscopy?

Image via Shutterstock The point of a laparoscopy is to examine the organs that are inside the abdomen in a minimally invasive manner. Laparoscopy, which is also referred to as diagnostic laparoscopy, is a low-risk minimally invasive procedure. It is called a laparoscopy because of the tool used to view the abdomen organs, which is […]

Exercises to Improve Your Urinary Control

Image via  Shutterstock   There are several medications that can be used to effectively treat most bladder control problems. They all work in different ways to treat urinary incontinence, but with all medications there are possible side effects. The most natural way to help control urinary incontinence is to perform Kegel exercises for pelvic muscles. […]

Why Choose the da Vinci Surgery System

The minimally invasive surgery option called the da Vinci Surgery system is more times than not the best option available for you. There are several options to consider but more and more patients and surgeons each year are choosing the da Vinci Surgery over any other type of surgery. This surgery system has extended to […]

What Causes Urinating Difficulties?

Image via Pexels   There are many plausible urinating difficulties that can affect both men and women. They are all unique in their own way, but have one thing in common: in one way or another, they all affect your usual urination. Below are all of the different possible urinary problems you may be experiencing […]

Prostate Cancer Prevention Diet

Prostate cancer is the most prevalent and common type of cancer amongst men in the United States today. Roughly 1 in every 7 men are diagnosed with this type of cancer during their lifetime. Having a diet that is high in fat and sugar has been shown to increase your chances of prostate cancer. Below […]

4 Signs You Have a Genital Skin Condition

Image via Pixabay Genital skin conditions are all unique in their own way, but there are general signs that can indicate if you have one. Whether it is a sexually transmitted disease or something less severe, there are similar symptoms you need to look out for. Below are signs that you may have a genital […]

5 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Image via Pexels Testosterone is arguably the most important hormone for males and the development of male sexual characteristics. Having low testosterone levels can greatly affect a male’s everyday life. Listed below is testosterone boosting foods that can help you increase muscle, sexual function and your overall well-being as a male. Testosterone Rich Foods 1) […]

Signs You May Have Low Testosterone

The hormone testosterone plays a key role in men’s health. Produced by the testicles, this hormone helps maintain muscle mass, bone growth and sex drive, and is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. However, as men age testosterone levels begin to decline. Without sufficient testosterone, a man may experience erectile dysfunction, feel depressed […]