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5 Testosterone Boosting Foods

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Testosterone is arguably the most important hormone for males and the development of male sexual characteristics. Having low testosterone levels can greatly affect a male’s everyday life. Listed below is testosterone boosting foods that can help you increase muscle, sexual function and your overall well-being as a male.

Testosterone Rich Foods

1) Shrimp

Seafood in general is positive for boosting testosterone, but especially shrimp. It is a great source of Vitamin D, which is essential to a male’s testosterone levels. There is a direct positive correlation between Vitamin D and testosterone, meaning the higher the Vitamin D the higher your testosterone levels will be.

2) Coconut

This may come as a surprise, but coconuts boost higher testosterone levels. The saturated fat found in coconuts are what makes them so essential for keeping testosterone at healthy levels. Most people think low-fat diets would be the healthier option, but males who keep their regular high fat diets saw increases in their testosterone levels and physical performance.

3) Oysters

Another seafood that is necessary for regulating testosterone levels are oysters. They contain zinc, which is one of the most important nutrients during puberty, keeping hormones regulated throughout adulthood as well.

4) Spinach

Not only does spinach provide many health benefits such as muscle production, but it also plays a big role in reproductive function. It is the mineral magnesium found in spinach that increases testosterone levels for males. A vegetable that also has protein in it and keeps testosterone high sounds like the perfect food for males looking for overall health.

5) Egg Yolks

Most people think there are more nutrients from the egg whites than the egg yolks, but that’s not actually the case when it comes to testosterone levels. Vitamin D3 that is found in the yolk boosts testosterone levels. It is a cholesterol-derived steroid hormone, which if kept in your diet for 12 months can increase your testosterone levels by 400 percent!

Low Testosterone Level Treatment

If you still think you have low testosterone levels after implementing the above foods into your diet, you should head to your local urologist for a blood test to check if you have low “T”. Your doctor will then conclude the cause for your low testosterone levels. At Somerset Urological, we specialize in the treatment of low testosterone levels and all that comes with it. Contact us today to set up an appointment at our Somerville, NJ office!