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Why Choose the da Vinci Surgery System

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The minimally invasive surgery option called the da Vinci Surgery system is more times than not the best option available for you. There are several options to consider but more and more patients and surgeons each year are choosing the da Vinci Surgery over any other type of surgery. This surgery system has extended to 3 million patients worldwide and there is legitimate clinical evidence why it is a superior surgery option. It has been said that the da Vinci technology has changed the surgery experience for people around the globe. Below is what exactly the da Vinci Surgery system is and why you should choose it for your next surgery.


What is the da Vinci Surgery System?

The da Vinci System is a type of minimally invasive surgery that the surgeons only need a few small incisions to operate through for the whole surgery. The da Vinci System is an advanced surgical system because it features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny instruments that can bend and rotate where a human hand cannot. As a result, this enhances a surgeon’s vision, precision and control throughout the duration of the surgery. It is the latest and most advanced form of surgical technology.


The da Vinci System is used for a number of differently types of surgeries such as: cardiac, colorectal, general, gynecologic, head and neck, thoracic and urologic surgeries. The Food and Drug Administration cleared the da Vinci Surgical System in 2000 for adult and pediatric use in urologic surgical procedures, general laparoscopic surgical procedures, general non-cardiovascular thoracoscopic surgical procedures and thoracoscopically-assisted cardiotomy.


Benefits of the Revolutionary da Vinci Surgical System

It is no secret that the da Vinci Surgical System has made major changes in the surgical field. This surgical system can change procedures for the better in a few different ways. One of the main ways that da Vinci Surgical System is revolutionizing surgical procedures is that it is making existing MIS operations easier. Routine surgical procedures using MIS techniques will be performed more efficiently.


Additionally, da Vinci makes extremely difficult MIS operations more routine for surgeons. The da Vinci system gives surgeons more confidence to successfully complete surgeries that are more complex. It also makes new surgical procedures possible. This surgical system can turn a lot of surgeries that are not minimally invasive, into a minimally invasive surgery. This can help a patient’s recovery period from surgery: bringing about less complications and pain. More men in the United States have chose this method for these reasons to treat their prostate cancer compared to any other available method. Women on the other hand use the da Vinci Surgical System for a hysterectomy more than laparoscopy or vaginal surgery.


Schedule Your da Vinci Urological Surgery in New Jersey

Some of the most popular types of conditions treated and surgeries performed with this system have to do with urology. Any disease or disorder that affects the male reproductive organs or the female urinary tract is considered a urologic condition. The most common urologic condition includes prostate cancer, kidney disorder and cancer, bladder cancer and urinary blockage.


The different urologic procedures that the physicians at Somerset Urological Associates can perform for your urological condition are da Vinci Prostatectomy, da Vinci Partial Nephrectomy, da Vinci Cystectomy, and da Vinci Pyeloplasty. These procedures help with prostate cancer, kidney disease, bladder cancer and urinary obstruction. 86% of urology residency programs in the United States, including Somerset Urological Associates, have a da Vinci System. Contact us today to plan your visit to SUA at our Somerville, New Jersey location to treat your urological condition with our da Vinci Surgical System: (908) 927-0300.