5 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

5 Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones

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Painful and debilitating, kidney stones are affecting more and more men and women in the United States every day. The stone formations are described from some as an open umbrella trying to leave their system as it escapes through urination. It is one of the more painful experiences a human body can endure. Here are some quick tips on how to prevent these pesky stones and the pain that comes along with them.

1. Watch What You’re Drinking

Potassium citrate is one of the leading treatments when it comes to the prevention of kidney stones. The same preventive benefits found in that citrate can also be found in fruit juices like lemonade, because they have natural citrate. They not only stop calcium particles from coming together, but they also hinder already made stone formations from getting any bigger.

2. How Much Do You Workout?

Urinating frequently prevents from anything building up in uterine, so when you exercise and lose the H20 in your system it is important to refuel. A lot of the time after workouts people do not drink enough water to replenish the body even if they feel hydrated. Be aware of your body and keep those liquids flowing!

3. Monitor Oxalate Intake

Oxalate is a molecule found in many foods and is a big part in creating calcium oxalate stones, which are the most common type of kidney stone. You can find oxalate in basically any food group, but some of the foods that contain more of it are spinach, chocolate, peanuts, and sweet potatoes. This is not to say that cutting down on oxalates completely will lower the likelihood of forming kidney stones, in fact that is not a good idea from a health perspective. Too much of anything is never good though, make sure you consume everything in moderation!

4. Uric Acid Stones

Uric acid stones are another common type of stone, separate from the calcium oxalate stones. The kidneys can only handle a certain amount of acid at a time. The more acid the kidneys have to excrete the more likely it is for these uric acid stones to form. Food that contains purines, a chemical compound that elicits this higher volume of uric acid, are red meat and shellfish. A balanced diet is key to kidney stone prevention.

5. Don’t Avoid Calcium

It is easy to see why calcium oxalate stones give the impression that calcium is one of the main culprits in their formation. In truth, you are actually more likely to develop the stones if you stop consuming calcium. A better thing to do is just to combine calcium rich food with oxalate rich foods when you are eating so that you don’t intake too much of one or the other. Also, make sure to cut out salt when you can — this never hurts since it is a binding agent.

Kidney Stone Treatment in New Jersey

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