Radical and Simple Prostatectomy

A radical prostatectomy is a procedure that results in removing the prostate gland and some of the surrounding tissue included. This type of operation is usually needed when the patient is suffering from prostate cancer. When deciding your options, there are several options available for your radical prostatectomy. The available procedure options consist of open surgery (an incision either in the stomach or perineum), robotic surgery (minimally invasive), or a laparoscopic surgery (several smaller incisions in the stomach). No matter what procedure you choose to have done, you are in the best of care with Somerset Urological Associates’ experienced physicians.

Prostatectomy in New Jersey

A simple prostatectomy is used in other generalized cases that need to be addressed, such as severe urinary pains or enlarge prostate glands. Although a simple prostatectomy does not remove the entire prostate, it removes the part of the prostate that is interfering with your urinary tract. A simple prostatectomy may not be as extensive as a radical prostatectomy, but our doctors still take these cases very seriously and like to address them as soon as possible.

What To Consider Before a Prostatectomy

Before having the procedure done, it is important to talk with your doctor about several components to take into consideration. Your doctor will be sure to discuss with you influencing factors such as age, medical conditions, grade of cancer, and PSA levels. These personal conversations with your doctors are designed to have the best possible outcome after surgery.

What To Expect After Surgery

A prostatectomy procedure requires our patients to stay in the hospital for a couple of days in order to be monitored properly after the operation. This way, our physicians are able to provide you with proper care and instructions on how to follow up with your treatment. Your hospital stay allows us to be able to manage your pain and help you with the use of a catheter. After the surgery, it is required for all patients to use a catheter for 1 to 3 weeks.

The prostatectomy procedure in NJ is very effective in treating prostate cancer, as long as it has not already spread to other parts of the body. While we do our best to remove any site of cancer, it is always recommended to come in for a follow up exam to avoid any further health complications. The most important factor to remember is that cancer should be combated from all angles and a prostatectomy may not leave you cancer free all on its own.

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