The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone

What Are The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone?

Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that humans produce and it plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues. It is natural as well for testosterone levels to decrease in men as they begin to age. Lower testosterone although natural, can have some serious averse affects on the male body such as lower sex drive or depression. This is why it is important to try and maintain to most optimal levels of testosterone as a male at all times. Below we will get into the benefits of keeping optimal levels of testosterone.

Testosterone and Depression

If you have ever had to battle depression, it is possible that you did not have optimal levels of testosterone. It has been shown through research that depression and testosterone levels have been directly related. Men who get low testosterone treatment will notice their mood begin to improve and decrease depression.

Testosterone and Physical Features

There are two major physical traits that testosterone levels can affect, which are your body fat and muscle mass. Optimal levels of testosterone can help decrease the amount of body fat a man has. The higher your levels of testosterone is the greater your ability is to regulate insulin, glucose and fat metabolism, which decreases your body fat. Testosterone also helps in the development of muscle mass because it increase muscle protein synthesis. An overall decrease in body fat and increase in muscle mass will have you feeling much better about your physical well being and features.

Testosterone and Your Sex Life

It is no surprise here that higher levels of testosterone increases men’s sex life considering it is the major male sex hormone. Not only does in increase libido, but it also increases erections. Erectile dysfunction and low libido, which is also known as sex drive, are the first and most obvious signs of having low testosterone. A healthy sex life is important to have especially for your self confidence and self esteem.

Testosterone and Cognitive Ability

As you get older it has been shown that those who keep an optimal level of testosterone also have a boosted overall cognitive ability. If you do not have optimal levels of testosterone you can suffer some mental and cognitive issues. These issues associated with low testosterone include memory loss, trouble concentrating and general fogginess throughout the day.

Testosterone and Competitiveness

If you want to advance yourself whether it be socially, emotionally, mentally, love life, work life, etc. you need to have a competitive edge that will put you about the competition. If you have an optimal level of testosterone it will actually make you a more competitive person. The drive to always win is a good quality to have for a man and it can get you farther than you may think. This desire to win will help increase our power and status in the long run.

Low Testosterone Treatment in New Jersey

When you suffer from low testosterone as a man it can affect almost every aspect of your life from your emotions, confidence, physical appearance and love life. As a man having all of these contributing factors at once can be demoralizing and a result of low testosterone. If you are looking for someone to treat your low testosterone and get you back to optimal levels, look no further than the experienced physicians at Somerset Urological Associates. SUA is conveniently located in Somerville, New Jersey and can assist you with all of your urological and men’s health needs. Contact us today to make your appointment with us and get your confidence back!