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Signs You May Have Low Testosterone

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The hormone testosterone plays a key role in men’s health. Produced by the testicles, this hormone helps maintain muscle mass, bone growth and sex drive, and is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. However, as men age testosterone levels begin to decline. Without sufficient testosterone, a man may experience erectile dysfunction, feel depressed and lose his sex drive. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms listed below, it may indicate you have low testosterone levels.

What Happens When Testosterone Declines?

Low Sex Drive

Considering testosterone is the male sex hormone, and a necessary part for a male’s sexual and reproductive development, low sex drive is an obvious indicator that you may be experiencing low levels of testosterone.

Fatigue & Decreased Energy

Low testosterone can leave you completely fatigued and out of energy. It’s not an over exaggeration for someone with low testosterone to describe themselves as having nothing left in the tank at the end of the day. If you feel unusually tired and unmotivated, you may be experiencing low testosterone.

Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is needed for the body to release nitric oxide and trigger an erection. Having problems getting and keeping an erection is a good indicator that you may have low testosterone. Another sign of low testosterone closely associated with erectile dysfunction is low fluid levels. You need testosterone to regulate levels of sperm containing fluid that is released during an ejaculation. If you have low testosterone you may experience low fluid volumes when you ejaculate. Moreover both of these signs can lead to another indicator of low testosterone, which is having orgasm trouble.

Less Muscle, More Fat

Having low testosterone can affect you physically in more ways than one. A physical sign of “low T” is the general loss of muscle, and the inability to gain more muscle mass and acquire more body fat overall. It is very common for men with low testosterone to feel like they are losing muscle mass and adding fat instead to their midsection and chest area.

Low Testosterone Mood Problems

If optimism and general happiness is a thing of the past, there is a good chance you are suffering from low testosterone. It is very common to feel down or upset for no apparent reason when you are experiencing “low T”. Men with low testosterone generally feel irritable, moody and angry – experiencing frequent mood swings and depression.

Genital Issues

Certain genital issues are sign of low testosterone. Genital numbness is often associated with low testosterone. This doesn’t exactly mean that the area is completely numb, but rather any touch to the reproductive area does not elicit a sexual feeling needed to incite sexual intercourse. Another genital issue associated with low testosterone is shrinkage. If you notice a physical decrease in size of your scrotum, it’s a good indicator that you may be experiencing low levels of testosterone.

Treatment of Low Testosterone Levels in NJ

If you feel like you are suffering from low testosterone, visit Somerset Urological Associates (SUA). Our urological specialists will provide you with a blood test to see if low levels of testosterone are present in your system. Further treatment will be provided based on your test results. Contact us today if you are worried about your testosterone levels.