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Sexual Dysfunction

What Are the Different Types of Sexual Dysfunction & Disorders?

Sexual dysfunction is a commonly occurring problem that affects both men and women. With various causes, it can vary from case to case. Stemming from physical conditions, medical problems, and even psychological ailments, sexual dysfunction, and disorders can be difficult for the everyday person to understand. There are four main categories of sexual dysfunction, which […]

Does Ibuprofen Affect Your Fertility?

  If you have ever suffered from headaches or uncomfortable soreness after exercise, you know pain relievers are a quick fix for the problem. Designed to target the source of pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) reduce bothersome inflammation caused by natural healing. With increasing data supporting NSAID effects on infertility, now is the time to […]

The 6 Secrets to Increasing Male Testosterone Levels

Testosterone (T) is the hormone responsible for men’s physical and sexual development. Produced in the testicles, testosterone stimulates a man’s sex drive with the production of sperm as well as assisting in the growth of muscle and bone mass. Men over the age of 40 may notice some signs of low testosterone as levels begin […]

What Are the Best Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction?

Image via Pixabay Managing Erectile Dysfunction With Drug Assistance Defined by a man having consistent problems with keeping an erection, erectile dysfunction is not a welcomed diagnosis by any means. This form of male sexual dysfunction can occur in men for a host of reasons, but regardless of why it’s happening, those who experience it […]

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

In order to understand how to overcome and prevent premature ejaculation, it is important to fully understand what it is and what can possibly cause this. Premature ejaculation has become a more commonly reported sexual issue as of late and it can affect men physically and psychologically in their sex life. If you are someone […]

Does Adult Circumcision Affect Sexual Performance?

Image via Pixabay   One Study Provides Interesting Insight For men who have had an adult circumcision – and those who are questioning whether to go through with the procedure – determining how a circumcised penis affects sexual performance is a hot topic of discussion. Fortunately, a unique study published in the Adult Urology journal reveals the […]

The Causes Behind Male Sexual Dysfunction

Any problem that a man has performing during any phase of the sexual response cycle is considered male sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction also prevents the couple or the man himself from experiencing any satisfaction during the activity. There are a few different types of male sexual dysfunction and no man is limited to just one […]