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Urodynamic Studies

Somerset Urological Associates treats lower urinary tract issues by first utilizing urodynamics, or urodynamic studies. These studies are actually a series of tests that look at the functionality of different parts of the lower urinary tract. The lower urinary tract consists of the bladder, which is used to store urine, and the urethra, which is the tube that transports urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. Urodynamics are used to help identify specific problems of the lower urinary tract, including controlling your urine, feelings of frequent urges to urinate, frequent urinary tract infections, not emptying the bladder completely while urinating, and week or intermittent urine flow. Somerset Urological Associates utilizes the results of urodynamic tests to determine what urinary tract problems the patient is experiencing, and develops a treatment plan based off these findings.

Procedure Requirements

When a patient is headed to Somerset Urological Associates for urodynamic testing, they should arrive with a full bladder. One of the first tests will involve the patient urinating into a special device that measures how much urine is disposed and how fast that it exits the body. This test is referred to as an uroflow test. The second test involves a catheter being inserted into the bladder to drain all leftover urine, showing how well the bladder is able to empty. Once the bladder is empty, it will be refilled again via the catheter and the response of the bladder is measured. A second catheter is inserted through the rectum or vagina, and is used to measure pressure around the exterior of the bladder. This collection of measures is called a Cystometogram, or CMG. Doctors may place small patches on either side of the patient’s bottom to measure the electrical activity of muscle groups, called an Electromyogram. The final test involves the patient emptying their bladder once again, but this time with the catheter in place. This final test allows Somerset Urological Associates doctors to see the function of the bladder as it is empties. This test is called a Pressure Flow Study, or a Voiding Pressure Study. Additional x-rays may be taken during the tests.


Upon completion of urodynamic studies on the patient, a Somerset Urological Associates doctor will discuss the findings and results of the testing, as well as present a plan of treatment that will best restore the diminished functions of the bladder. In many instances, lower urinary tract issues are very correctable with the problem treatment and care. Come visit Somerset Urological Associates to learn how we can help you or a loved one deal with urinary issues that can often become a regular issue for patients, if left untreated.


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