Difficulty Urinating

Treating Urinating Difficulties

If you have trouble beginning to urinate or keeping a steady flow of urine, you are experiencing urinary hesitancy. People of all ages can experience urinating difficulties, but they most commonly occur as men get older. In some cases, urinary hesitation leads to retention, the inability to urinate.

Causes of Urinating Difficulties

There are several causes for urinary hesitation, and some are more serious than others. Kidney stones are a common cause of urinary difficulties and can occur in a few different forms. Kidney stones are solid masses made of crystals that form in the kidneys, and can be found at any point in the urinary tract. They cause pain for those suffering with them when attempting to urinate and medical attention may be required to help the stones pass. Another cause is Gonorrhea , a sexually transmitted infection in which bacteria affects moist parts of the body including the urethra. Because the urethra is responsible for draining urine from the bladder, the STI can affect its ability to do so effectively.

Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate may be another reason you are having urinary difficulties. As men get older, the prostate generally enlarges. This enlargement puts pressure on the urethra, causing difficulties starting or maintaining urine flow. Infection of the prostate for men, or infection urinary tract for women, bring along urinary hesitation as a symptom. Medications may also be to blame for urinary hesitation. Nasal decongestants, cold medications, anticholinergics, and antidepressants are all known to cause difficulties with urination in people of all ages and gender.

Treating Urinating Difficulty

Trouble urinating or keeping a steady flow of urine is almost always a symptom of something else. If you are having trouble urinating, find out the core of the problem by making an appointment with Somerset Urological Associates.

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