Pelvic Physiotherapy with Biofeedback

A lack of urinary control is often a result of weak muscles or disturbed nerve signals. The best way to gain control back in your life is with Pelvic Physiotherapy. This type of treatment can be helpful for any pelvic pain, constipation, or prolapse you are experiencing. Some of our patients are not always aware that there are ways to help these difficult pains. At Somerset Urological Associates, our doctors are dedicated to providing you with the best possible education on your condition in order to make you feel more comfortable.

What is Biofeedback?

Pelvic Physiotherapy with Biofeedback is the use of electronic monitoring enabling someone to train his or her body on how to regain full urinary control. To elaborate, Biofeedback is essentially a way to improve the nerve signals that naturally tell your body what it needs. Biofeedback is known to capitalize on feelings of relaxation and relief.

Initial Examination at SUA

Our highly experienced doctors will do a full examination in order to best determine what type of treatment each individual patient will need. The private examination gives each one of our patients a chance to speak with their doctor about any concerns or questions they may have. Once the doctor and patient have discussed the right plan of action for you, it is best to begin the pelvic physiotherapy as soon as possible. Some factors the doctor will consider are diet choices, stressors, exercises, breathing techniques, biofeedback, and muscle stimulation. Our doctors will be there to work with and help you every step of the way.

Results of Pelvic Physiotherapy with Biofeedback

A Biofeedback session consists of attaching electrodes to your skin that send signals to a monitor. The monitor is able to display the patient’s heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, and muscle activity. The overall idea is to relieve your body of all its stress to allow your automatic bodily functions to perform better. During the Biofeedback session, our doctors will help teach you helpful relaxation and exercising techniques that will slow down your body to recognize urinary needs. As a result, your body will be able to train itself to recognize the difference between when you have to use the bathroom and when you do not. Your pelvic muscles will also become strengthened to better hold your bladder and reduce the constant urge to use the bathroom. Biofeedback can be considered as mindful meditation and offers noticeable results in everyday life.

Begin your Biofeedback therapy today with Somerset Urological Associates’ health care providers.