Cooled Thermotherapy of the Prostate

Cooled ThermoTherapy of the prostate is a safe, non-surgical therapy that only takes 30 minutes per treatment. The treatment provides long-term relief to those suffering from BPH symptoms, as well as urinary obstructions. This type of treatment can help reduce the patient’s dependency on costly BPH medication, as well as avoid the hosts and recovery time associated with an invasive surgical procedure to treat BPH.

Somerset Urological Associates’ surgeons will utilize the Cooler ThermoTherapy of the prostate to deliver a targeted heat stream to the prostate, which will reduce excess tissue that may be developing due to BPH. In addition, the treatment uses an advanced urethral cooling system, which provides even more protection for the urethra in addition to providing comfort to the patient during and after the treatment. The treatment does not require a general anesthesia, and allows patients to return to normal activities within just a few short days of their treatment.

The treatment takes place in our Somerset office, where the patient will lie on an exam table, and, if requested, be given a local anesthetic. The surgeon will insert a small, flexible, catheter to the urethra to administer the heat and cooling aspects of the treatment. The catheter contains small channels that aid in circulating the cooled fluid that surrounds a small antenna, which produces the heat used to reduce the excess tissue in the prostate. The cooling technology that Cooled ThermoTherapy offers will help protect the urethra during the procedure, and it will provide the patient with comfort during and after the treatment is completed. Following the procedure, patients may need to wear a temporary catheter for a few days. Most patients do not see immediate results, which is perfectly normal. Improvements of BPH symptoms and pressure on the urethra will begin to be noticed around 6 to 12 weeks following the procedure.

If prior BPH treatments have left you still looking for solutions, Cooled ThermoTherapy of the prostate may be the treatment you need to ensure that your BPH symptoms finally will begin to go away for good. Come in and speak with an expert urologist at Somerset Urological Associates to learn more about this excellent treatment, recovery time, associated risks, and insurance participation. We look forward to welcoming you to SUA!