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6 Benefits of Cooled ThermoTherapy for Your Prostate

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, often called BPH, is a condition many men will experience as they age. BPH, commonly referred to as prostate gland enlargement, is not a form of cancer, and it does not increase your chances of having prostate cancer. However, its symptoms can be uncomfortable and disruptive to your everyday life, but treatment can get you back on track to comfortable living. At Somerset Urological Associates, we offer Cooled ThermoTherapy treatment to address BPH symptoms.  » Read more about: 6 Benefits of Cooled ThermoTherapy for Your Prostate  »

3 Signs of Male Infertility

For a large number of men, starting their own family is one of their lifelong dreams. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t that easy. If you have been trying to conceive a child with no success, it may be due to male infertility. While this may seem like a sensitive topic, it is actually a quite common issue – male infertility accounts for approximately half of all infertility cases. This can be coped with and treated if you know the basic signs of male infertility and reach out to a medical professional for help.  » Read more about: 3 Signs of Male Infertility  »

What is the Process of Laparoscopic Surgery?

Upon a diagnosis of any given urological condition, your physician will determine the level of severity. Whether or not it may require immediate medical attention, many circumstances will call for a diagnostic imaging procedure or a surgical repair. Urologists will commonly utilize the minimally invasive procedure of laparoscopy as their go-to option. If your health care provider has recommended this method, consider doing a little research on your own before the official treatment date – just so you know what to expect.  » Read more about: What is the Process of Laparoscopic Surgery?  »

What Are the Best Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction?

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Managing Erectile Dysfunction With Drug Assistance
Defined by a man having consistent problems with keeping an erection, erectile dysfunction is not a welcomed diagnosis by any means. This form of male sexual dysfunction can occur in men for a host of reasons, but regardless of why it’s happening, those who experience it often look for a quick fix in the form of drugs. The most common drugs used for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are classified as PDE5 inhibitors,  » Read more about: What Are the Best Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction?  »

Is it Possible to Get Circumcised as an Adult?

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What You Need to Know About Adult Circumcision
When you think of the term “circumcision”, a vision of a newborn getting the procedure done most likely pops into your mind. However, new research is suggesting that getting a circumcision as an adult can provide some stunning health benefits for men. The topic of circumcision can be somewhat controversial, depending on where you’re from. A lot of parents have their babies experience a circumcision when they are only a few days old,  » Read more about: Is it Possible to Get Circumcised as an Adult?  »