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5 Things Unprotected Sex Can Do To You

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While having sex can be an enjoyable experience for both men and women, there are some cons to having sex. Below we will explore some of the pros and cons of sex that you may have never known.

Pro: Sex Can Help You Stay Healthy

This may be a better known fact about having too much sex, but you probably didn’t know why. Having safe sex twice a week can actually boost both men and women’s immune systems. The sex also produces an antibody called Immunoglobulin A that helps fight and stop common colds or the flu before they even start. In addition to that, regular sex can also help prevent the transmission of numerous viruses.

Con: Exposure to Venereal Diseases

The more sexually active someone is and the more sexual partners someone has can increase their chances of contracting any type of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. STDs and STIs are also commonly known as venereal diseases. On top of increasing your chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, 80% of adults will contract one of the common diseases/infections at some point in their lifetime.

Con: Increases Chances of Cervical Cancer

A woman is initially exposed to the possibility of cervical cancer from birth for two different reasons. If she is not vaccinated with the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine when she turns 11, the risk of cervical cancer is very high. Men should also get this vaccine to be safe. Having multiple sex partners or consistently involving oneself in unsafe sex can also put women at risk for HPV, which may develop into cervical cancer.

Pro: Sex Is a Form of Exercise

There is a common benefit to any type of exercise that a human partakes in. It also helps maintain a balance of all bodily functions of the organs and systems within the body. In turn, this can help prevent certain diseases while relieving stress for both parties involved. Regular sex can also increase blood flow for men and women!

Con: Erection Weakness Possibility

When a man has too much sex, the varicose veins in the penis can become weak because of their overuse. This can affect the quality of the sperm that ejaculates from the penis, making them more watery and malnourished.

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